Firebird Case Studies

Hello All Firebirders!

Today we start very important activity  – building Firebird Case Studies catalog.


Case study is an example of real-world implementation of certain product.
Case study should be very specific and describe:

  1. Technical details (database size, # of users, transactions load),
  2. Type of business (ERP, hospital automations, CD catalogs, web-sites examples, etc) and
  3. Business value – license costs economy, performance increasing, etc.


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#ODBC Driver Project Lives Again with new Version 2.0 Release Candidate 2.

The Open Source Firebird (IBPhoenix) ODBC driver has been updated to Version 2.0 Release Candidate 2.

Alexander Potapchenko wrote on firebird-odbc list:

I resume development of the ODBC driver. The primary goal to finish ODBC
driver 2.0 (with full x64 support and fixed “blocker” level problems) now.
If you are having any problems with the current driver but have not
reported them because the sub-project wasn’t active, then to add them to
the Bag tracker now.

ps: if you don’t know what is the bag tracker 🙂 it’s Firebird Project’s bug tracker.

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Orphanage for #OpenSuse Linux packages

If there are any takers for building and maintaining the suse packages please do so , until then Firebird package is orphane

Philippe Makowski wrote:

As you may know, I’m the maintainer of Firebird packages in OpenSuse.
but I’m also doing the same for Fedora (including EPEL), Mandriva and
the future Mageia.

OpenSuse is not my preferred distro, for far, and even if they are all
rpm distro, following seriously a distro need some time, and when new
Firebird version is there you need some time to do the job the right
way. And I don’t have enough time for this.
So I will still maintain Mandriva, Mageia, Fedora but no longer OpenSuse
(will it be “open” for a long time I don’t know, and that’s another story)

So please OpenSuse and Firebird users, step in, I will help you if need.

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Firebird embedded – Linux (update)

In this post I explained how to set up an embedded Firebird version for Linux.A few weeks ago I read a post from Olivier Mascia that explained a simpler way: instead of starting the program using a script that sets up a couple of environment variables, just callsetenv() to set those variables in the program.

There are many good articles in the archives about firebird and creating an accounting program with open source tools.

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