Do you think that Firebird official site needs a facelift and be replaced with a new one, with a clear, professional attractive design? Please vote in our poll (look at the sidebar in the main page) and let us know.

A detailed explanation of the answers is:

  • No, it’s fine as is. – meaning that you are satisfied with the currently design and sections of the site.
  • Yes – meaning that a change would be welcome
  • Yes, for sure! – meaning that site *really needs* to be improved
  • Yes, and FB logo too – meaning that site needs to be improved, as well the Firebird official logo.

Note: Depending on the results (yes x no), a complete survey with detailed “requirements” for the changes will be built and put online.

PS: This poll is being promoted by FirebirdNews site. There are no guarantees that the people responsible for the currently firebirdsql site will do anything based on the poll results.
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