What do you think about FirebirdSQL.org?

Do you think that Firebird official site needs a facelift and be replaced with a new one, with a clear, professional attractive design? Please vote in our poll (look at the sidebar in the main page) and let us know.

A detailed explanation of the answers is:

  • No, it’s fine as is. – meaning that you are satisfied with the currently design and sections of the site.
  • Yes – meaning that a change would be welcome
  • Yes, for sure! – meaning that site *really needs* to be improved
  • Yes, and FB logo too – meaning that site needs to be improved, as well the Firebird official logo.

Note: Depending on the results (yes x no), a complete survey with detailed “requirements” for the changes will be built and put online.

PS: This poll is being promoted by FirebirdNews site. There are no guarantees that the people responsible for the currently firebirdsql site will do anything based on the poll results.
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  • Sorry, but wording makes poll useless. Who would answer “No” to “a clear, professional attractive design”?!

    I’d suggest to either poll for a particular design (but we don’t have them, do we?) or to a concrete improvement suggestions (e.g. improve color palette, improve graphics, improve content, improve navigation).

  • Hi Roman! Thanks for the comment. The idea is just to check the percent of the “no” x “yes”, and based on the results, build a complete survey (not a poll) with all the details about what should change, how, what layout, etc.

    PS: As you probably already seen, there are people that voted “no” 🙂

  • this website looks like a personal home page.
    need of redesign and more interactive features.

  • 😀 😀
    Cabral said very correct -> yes, it does look like a personal home page 😉

    Firebird logo, on the other hand, is ok.

  • perhaps a look to a real content management system would already help a lot, my proposal is bitweaver, which can be used with firebird as database backend.

    why reinvent what already exists (including a wiki, web based forum, etc.)

    and this would also help other people perhaps to use firebird as their backend for their websites

    we are currently in the progress to change our website to bitweaver, but it takes some time to convert about 2500 pages.


  • I too agree with the above comment. currently the home page looks like my desktop. 🙂
    I mean the content is scattered along.
    I was searching for Nbackup architectural description. finally i got the link http://www.firebirdsql.org/index.php?op=devel&sub=engine&id=nbackup
    can anybody tell me where the link is located? Open challenge.

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