Xampp and Firebird on Windows7

Install xampp to c:\xampp

I had to change the Apache Port to 8080 as windows 7 has its own http.sys listening on Port 80.

Then I followed mainly this article

As I already had a working Firebird 2.5 version, I simply copied fbclient.dll from my existing Firebird/bin folder to c:\xampp\apache\bin

modified php.ini as mentioned in above blog post

I had to modify status.php and FirebirdTest.php a bit because of my existing Firebird installation and the different Apache port:


line($TEXT[‘status-ssi’], $ssi);

if (file_exists(“$partwampp\\htdocs\\xampp\\FirebirdTest.php”)) {
$a = @file(“http://{$hostauth}{$host}:8080/xampp/FirebirdTest.php”);
$fbi = $a[0];
line(“Firebird”, $fbi);

if(@ibase_connect(‘localhost:C:\Program Files (x86)\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\examples\empbuild\employee.fdb’, ‘sysdba’,’myfirebirdpassword’)) {
echo “OK”;
} else {
echo “NOK”;

http://localhost:8080/xampp/FirebirdTest.php then should return ‘OK’


From Frank <frank at schlottmann-goedde.de>

“Fascinating creatures, phoenixes, they can carry immensely heavy loads,
their tears have healing powers and they make highly faithful pets.”
– J.K. Rowling

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