What to expect from next Delphi versions? (good news to Firebird)

Extracted from the special edition of Blaze Pascal magazine:

Project Weaver (próxima versão do Delphi, já em beta)

  • Main Themes
  • User Experience
  • Enhance Connectivity
  • Documentation
  • IDE usability
  • Team Productivity
  • Touch
  • IDE – Insight (easy Keyboard access to almost everything)
  • Improvements to DataSnap
  • Firebird Support
  • .NET AOP
  • SCM Support
  • Enhanced RTTI Support
  • Attribute Support
  • Seamless .NET and Native communication
  • Windows 7 APIs and Direct 2D
  • Full Support of SOAP 1.2 Clients

Project X

  • Cross-platform Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Cross-platform component library
  • DataSnap on all platforms

Project Chromium

  • Quality enhancements
  • Pascal Code Formatter
  • Documentation of the OTA
  • New Data binding model allowing binding to almost any property on a control
  • More integration with the database tools.

Project Commodore

  • 64 Bit native
  • Full compiler, RTL and VCL support for 64 native
  • Multi-Core. Multi-threaded applications.
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