firebird2.0 security bug is now fixed in debian/gentoo

There is an grave security bug in firebird package 2.0 from debian and ubuntu
where an user can connect to the server with SYSDBA and NO password

The bug is now fixed in debian sid (unstable)
and here is the changelog

firebird2.0-super.init: stop exporting ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD.
Fixes a hole causing remote connections as user SYSDBA to succeed
without giving a password.
Closes: #481389 and CVE-2008-1880

Ubuntu ported to ARM – just in time for testing firebird arm port

A Nokia-sponsored project is porting Ubuntu Linux to the ARM architecture.

installing ibwebadmin 2.0 from cvs

you will need an apache+php+php5interbase setup (in ubuntu or any distro,or windows)

firebird 2.1 rc2 for ubuntu hardy/gutsy is ready

you can install it from my ppa repository

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