Orphanage for #OpenSuse Linux packages

If there are any takers for building and maintaining the suse packages please do so , until then Firebird package is orphane

Philippe Makowski wrote:

As you may know, I’m the maintainer of Firebird packages in OpenSuse.
but I’m also doing the same for Fedora (including EPEL), Mandriva and
the future Mageia.

OpenSuse is not my preferred distro, for far, and even if they are all
rpm distro, following seriously a distro need some time, and when new
Firebird version is there you need some time to do the job the right
way. And I don’t have enough time for this.
So I will still maintain Mandriva, Mageia, Fedora but no longer OpenSuse
(will it be “open” for a long time I don’t know, and that’s another story)

So please OpenSuse and Firebird users, step in, I will help you if need.

Firebird in openSUSE Factory – Mentioned in OpenSUSE Weekly News

Firebird is mentioned in OpenSUSE Weekly News

“I want to inform our users that thanks to the efforts of Philippe Makowski, we’ve got Firebird in openSUSE now. He took over the package we had in Build Service, rewrote spec file from scratch, fixed quite some errors and adjusted package in many ways. And as the result Firebird package was finally accepted yesterday (1st of September) into openSUSE Factory.

Firebird 2.1 and Flamerobin 0.9 added to altlinux

Firebird 2.1.1 and Flamerobin 0.9 are added to altlinux.Also latest odbc driver for firebird and mono 2.0.1
AltLinux is an Linux distro that will be used in all the Russian Schools
Other related news about altlinux you can grab from google
[Ed:so this is a big thing , imagine that firebird will be available to every kid or school there , also in Brazil they will have linux on ~50,000,000 desktops for kids , what we need now is some good translated books and documentation]

Firebird and Suse

Since I helped Mandriva to do their packages for Firebird, I jumped and with Michal, we made things happen
Users of Opensuse 10.0,10.1,10.3 and future 11.0 but also SLE 10 can now just use the server:database repository  and get Firebird 2.0.4
As soon as the Firebird Project will publish Firebird 2.1.1, packages will be there too.

firebird suse maintainer wanted

We have a firebird (the opensource SQL database) package in the
server:database buildservice project
Unfortunately, this package isn’t maintained since some time, which is a
pity, because the server:database repository is offered as a community
repository in YaST and is advertised as the “Latest updates for database
software including Firebird and MySQL”.