The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release of Lazarus 1.0.8.

The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release of Lazarus 1.0.8.

This is a bug fix release, built with the current fpc 2.6.2. The
previous release 1.0.6 was built with 2.6.0.

Here is the list of changes for Lazarus and Free Pascal:

The release is available for download at SourceForge:

Choose your CPU, OS, distro and then the “Lazarus 1.0.8” directory.

Minimum requirements:
Windows:       98, 2k, XP, Vista, 7, 32 or 64bit
FreeBSD/Linux: gtk 2.8 or qt4.5, 32 or 64bit
Mac OS X:      10.5, LCL only 32bit, non LCL apps can be 64bit

FreePascal 2.6.2 is released

FPC 2.6.2 has landed. FPC 2.6.2 is an update to 2.6.0 that
contains most library progress over the 2.6.0 and some crucial
compiler fixes.

Building is still in progress and some formats (deb,rpm) and targets might
not be available yet.

Changes that may break backwards compatibility are documented at:

For Downloads, please use sourceforge


The Free Pascal Compiler Team
News via Lazarus Forum

New Arabic Lazarus Free Pascal Firebird book

After the first book now translated to English : Start programming using Object Pascal Language
I’ve released my second book about FreePascal/Lazarus/Object Pascal.
Book title is Second step with object pascal. In Arabic “الخطوة الثانية مع أوبجكت باسكال”

You can download this book from here
The book also contains a lot of sample applications written in Lazarus.


1. Memory
2. Files management
3. Relational Databases : Firebird SQL
4. Web Applications
5. Socket programming

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