Firebird embedded – Linux (update)

In this post I explained how to set up an embedded Firebird version for Linux.A few weeks ago I read a post from Olivier Mascia that explained a simpler way: instead of starting the program using a script that sets up a couple of environment variables, just callsetenv() to set those variables in the program.

There are many good articles in the archives about firebird and creating an accounting program with open source tools.

Firebird Embedded reviewed

I was looking for a small and powerful database in order to fulfil the requirements of my last project. Because the database will be running locally I took the decision to use an embedded database. After a few searches over the Internet and some embedded database comparison reviews, I found Firebird which is actually a powerful but unknown (yet) relational database system. Here are some great features of the Firebird embedded database version:

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Top 4 Free Embedded Databases

I need an embedded database for my next project. During the last few days I’ve done a lot of virtual leg-work researching and comparing the various alternatives, trawling through documentation and forums. The results are below. Hopefully, if you’re ever in the same situation, this list will make your life a bit easier.

Firebird is the best in embedded area

Here is the full thread on nhibernat and the quote

“However, the thing that finally made us switch from SQLite to Firebird was the fact that it only support one open transaction at a time. This makes it essentially useless for multithreaded/multiuser applications. SQLite is excellent for some tasks, but if you have more than one thread/process accessing the database at the same time you really should consider using another database. ”