Firebird 2.5.2 Debian and Ubuntu status

The packaging is ready and anybody wanting to build the package can
find the sources in the Git repository[1]. Since Debian is in a freeze
preparing to its next release, I asked the release team for a freeze
exception[2]. It would be great to have the final release in


sudo su
apt-get git-core devscripts
apt-get build-dep firebird2.5
git clone
cd 2.5

Ignore the last error debsign: gpg error occurred! Aborting (it only for Debian maintainers who sign the package like Damyan)

all the packages will be in ../

you can install for example firebird super classic this way

cd ../
sudo dpkg -i firebird2.5-superclassic* firebird2.5-common* firebird2.5-server-common* firebird2.5-classic-common*

ps: the above instructions were tested on Ubuntu 12.10 , Stable Firebird ppa is updated for all Ubuntu Releases

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