Firebird 2.5.2 Debian and Ubuntu status

The packaging is ready and anybody wanting to build the package can
find the sources in the Git repository[1]. Since Debian is in a freeze
preparing to its next release, I asked the release team for a freeze
exception[2]. It would be great to have the final release in


sudo su
apt-get git-core devscripts
apt-get build-dep firebird2.5
git clone
cd 2.5

Ignore the last error debsign: gpg error occurred! Aborting (it only for Debian maintainers who sign the package like Damyan)

all the packages will be in ../

you can install for example firebird super classic this way

cd ../
sudo dpkg -i firebird2.5-superclassic* firebird2.5-common* firebird2.5-server-common* firebird2.5-classic-common*

ps: the above instructions were tested on Ubuntu 12.10 , Stable Firebird ppa is updated for all Ubuntu Releases

Firebird 2.5.1 package for Debian Stable named Squeeze

Damyan Ivanov announced :

I have prepared packages from the current version in wheezy
(, built for squeeze.

If these improve the situation, then we at least know the bug is fixed
in that version and can start looking for the exact fix, which would
take about 10 iterations (and probably several weeks).


[ED if you want to rebuild them for 32bits you can use these instructions ]

Who is using Firebird and #Debian Humanistisch Instituut voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking

The organisation uses Debian GNU/Linux on half of their servers, i.e. about 10 systems.

It is used for two web servers, for the mail server and on a system for project administration, running a Firebird database. Debian was chosen since it’s the ultimate form of Open Source, and reliable as well. Since Hivos works for creating a better world, fights poverty and uses No Borders for People as its motto, choosing Debian is natural.


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