#Perl Firebird driver DBD-Firebird 1.11 is released with utf-8 and other bugfixes

On the behalf of the developers and contributors team, I’m pleased to announce that DBD::Firebird v1.11 , a DBI driver for the Firebird RDBMS server is released.

This release brings many changes and bugfixes .

  • Test::Exception is required
  • On Freebsd Threaded perl is required
  • Test database to use UTF8 charset and enable UTF8 for the connection
  • Fix CHAR lenght when using multi-byte character set Fixes #32 (RT#76506)
  • Additional debug when finishing already finished statement
  • Avoid double destroying of statement in auto-commit mode with DDL Fixes Github Issue #30 (RT#72946)

The development is done on GitHub and the mailing list is here

Thank you

#Perl DBD::Firebird fork progress

DBD::Firebird is registered in perl cpan’s module list and soon we will upload the first tar.gz release (when is considered stable enough)

Until then the module is hosted in github and can be used and tested :

Stefan has improved the Windows support also fixed many tests , here are some of the commit messages:
Improved support for MinGW, added support for ActivePerl, Removed some obsolete tests, All tests, now use testlib.pl and Test::More (except 60leaks.t)