Perl driver DBD::Firebird 0.7.0 released

This release brings many changes and docs cleanup

  • use standard ROWS alternative to Mysql LIMIT
  • In firebird 2.5.x standard way is to use sequences
  • dialects cleanup
  • tests-setup: avoid passing credentials on the command line
  • link with libfbembed if given a special environment variable
  • fix missing database check during tests
  • test 81-event-fork.t when linked with libfbembed
  • implement add ib_enable_utf8 dynamic attribute
  • remove $Id$ markers from CVS/Subversion
  • add test for RT#55244
  • test 47-nulls.t: ensure inserting undef in a non-null field fails
  • fix $dbh->do() and $sth->execute() to properly return the number of affected records
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