Morfik 3 released – now free to everyone

Morfik is used to easily develop rich Internet applications that can be run also in devices, like the iPhone. They just released the version 3 of the product, with some interesting news:


With this release, we have changed the game, significantly. Now you don’t have to pay to play the game! That’s right,  Morfik 3 AppsBuilder is no longer licensed. It is accessible to everyone – at no cost.

Download Morfik 3 now!

There is no catch. We are serious about enabling developers to take full advantage of the power of the Web. This is about making it as easy as possible for all to discover, use and be successful with Morfik. We want to build the community of active users, which will ultimately help you get the most out of your Morfik development environment.

I remember Morfik having a “free” version in the past, and after some time, they changed their minds and started to offer only paid/licensed versions. I hope this time they are serious about the “there is no catch” thing.

Morfik uses Firebird as its default database.

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