FlameRobin 0.8.1 released

We’ve rolled out a new release as promised, mostly bugfixes, please download it and try it. We have binary packages for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and sources, of course. Release notes will come soon.You can Read more about previous changes in 0.8.0.

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  • Changes:
    And here’s the changelog for 0.8.1:

    New features

    – SQL Editor: added command to Execute statements from cursor position
    – SQL Editor: themable toolbar icons (support for entire FR in next version)

    Enhancements and Bug fixes

    – SQL Editor window now has a standard menu and toolbar
    – Editable grid: fields are now set to NULL when DELETE key is pressed in empty box
    – Fixed crash when Insert clicked after transaction Commit/Rollback
    – Fixed crash when Insert clicked while editing field value
    – Fixed problem with Insert being disabled until column info is loaded
    – Fixed charset conversion problems with editable grid and insert dialog
    – Insert and Delete buttons are now properly enabled and disabled
    – Fixed DDL extraction for usernames in privileges
    – Windows version can be installed without administrative privileges

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