Firebird Synchronization to AWS Cloud.

Happy to announce a new release and general availability of Bipost Sync, a tool designed for synchronizing Firebird SQL (Windows) to AWS cloud.

Built for developers in mind.

Bipost Sync is ideal to extend your on-premises Firebird DB’s to the cloud, and build web applications, web services and API’s on top of AWS cloud platform.

It is also a great way to consolidate information from separate databases and locations, e.g. manufacturing companies may want to read sales and inventory information from 2nd or 3rd tier small retailers.

Tech Stuff:
(*) Synchronize specific data sets from Firebird SQL on Windows to AWS Aurora-MySQL.
(*) Two-way synchronization available, from AWS Aurora-MySQL back to your Firebird SQL.
(*) No need to create/alter schemas, this is done by our sync tool.
(*) Prepare your data before you load with stored procedures you define.
(*) Transform your data after load is done, also with stored procedures you define.

More info:

Firebird Members Offer available:

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