Firebird Free on the Cloud : Amazon ec2 Debian/Ubuntu

From Amazon AWS console you can launch a ec2 free instance , in my case microinstance (if you don’t want to pay)

Push the button Launch instance AWS Marketplace : type Debian
and select the first one from the list (64 bits version)

Currently selected: t1.micro (up to 2 ECUs, 1 vCPUs, 0.613 GiB memory, EBS only)

Review configuration and push the launch button
with your keyfile generated for example firebird.pem you can now connect to it (initial ssh user is admin for Debian and ubuntu for Ubuntu instance)

ssh -i firebird.pem

after that you can continue to setup firebird on it with the new sudo powers

and then you can connect securely to it using a ssh tunnel (putty can be used on windows to create the tunnel)

firebird port is secure by default and is closed to outside world on debian/ubuntu it listens to localhost ( only

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