Firebird is #1 with Delphi

Wings of Wind blog talks about Firebird support requests for Delphi, with interesting numbers:

The main complaint of some folks was about (lack of) support for their favorite database engine. As perhaps, you know, in this release there is no official SQLite and PostgreSQL support. Well, giving in account that we have already a new DBX driver in this version (Firebird) and the number of votes for PostgresSQL and SQLite compared with the ones for the Firebird DBX driver (which was #1 in QC with more than 1000 votes on all reports – duplicates, variants etc.) is a quite expected result.


Firebird + MS SQL + mySQL accounts more than 50% from your preferences with Firebird as clear leader. (MS SQL + mySQL = Firebird percentage). Closely follows Oracle and Access (!). Now, with the acquisition of SUN the things (perhaps) will change.


Also we see a bunch of Firebird/Interbase solutions which are high in ranking: FIBPlus, and a little bit lower IBX and IBObjects almost in par.

Check the full post, including nice graphics.

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