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  • Hello , i have tested your packages for fedora and I have an friend who is an fedora developer an he can submit packages to the main repository of fedora
    Is ok to use your source packages and submit them ?
    Are you an fedora developer ? Can you submit to fedora main repository ?

  • the response is for Arkady Shejn. Could you contact him Oleg ?

  • I left comment for him in his blog. And I think you could contact him directly:

    Jabber: shejn AT jabber DOT msiu DOT ru, ashejn AT gmail DOT com

    E-mail: ashejn AT gmail DOT com

  • thank you the response was good

    “Hello! Sure you can get my sources and push them to Fedora repository.
    I’m not fedora developer an it will be very wonderfully if your friend
    will push this package.”

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