OSCON – Call for participation

Open Source Convention is accepting proposals for the its next conference, scheduled to 24-28 July. There is a Database track, so if you think you have something good to show about Firebird, send your proposal using this link.

Here is part of a post from Josh Berkus:

As last year, me, Elein, Trudy and Arjen are the OSCON committee members specifically from the database community. We will be pursuing database talks in some specific in-demand areas.

UNLIKE prior years, this year we are seeking 45-min database sessions which emphasize practical utility and novel technology which will be directly useful to non-DBAs. In other words, case studies and
techniques which are targeted at the Perl, Ruby, Java, PHP, Web2.0 or other non-DBA programming communities, particularly complete implementations and case studies showing full applications and/or client code techniques are preferred.

This is part of a change in the OSCON program in which a session can be in multiple tracks, and there are no specific track quotas. It’s also a response to the legendarily low attendence of database talks in the past.

If you want to discuss potential submissions, contact any one of the committee members and we can give you feedback. Please share your ideas with us soon — the deadline is February 13th!

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Firebird administration tool for Linux

I just found an Open Source console application to administer IB/FB databases on linux. The features looks interesting:

  • Supports services api and local utils (gbak, gfix e.t.c. for classic architecture).
  • Script editor.
  • Data editor.
  • Grant manager.
  • Database Comparer.
  • Much more…

For more information and nice screenshots, look here.

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Firebird banner

If you have a site and want to help spread out Firebird, you can download and freely use the Firebird banner below at www.firebase.com.br/fb/banners/firebird_banner.gif.
Firebird banner

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Hi! This site will provide the Firebird community with news and information about Firebird all over the world!

Some of you who already had the chance to drink a beer with me, probably heard my claims about the lack of an oficial HQ for Firebird related news. Until now, people must dig in several sites to get up to date with the “Firebird World”. Well, I created this site to fill this gap, and I hope to count with the community help to keep the site very dynamic and updated!

Check the “About this site” section on the sidebar and see how you can help to make this site the first stop for Firebird related and updated news!

Carlos H. Cantu

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