More about MySQL and Jim [Starkey]

The storage engine being worked on at MySQL will be available this year an derives from an acquisition of it own: the company Netfrastructure, which employed a database luminary Jim Starkey and other engineers. Read more here.

[Ed: I still wonder why some articles “forget” the word “Firebird”. Even when the subject is direct or indirect related to it, they prefer to mention Ingres, MySQL, PostgreSQL or EnterpriseDB].>

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  • Hmmm… From Carlos’ interview with Ann:

    FBNews: Can you tell us if Netfrastructure will be open sourced by MySQL? If don’t so, what do you think is the currently role of Netfrastructure in the actual MySQL AB business?

    Ann: At the moment, no one knows. MySQL hired Jim for his mind and his track record, not for the 17″ stack of listings that are Netfrastructure.

    And from this article:
    “What we didn’t tell people when we bought Netfrastructure is that we were getting more than just people. We were also getting software,” Mickos said.

    So when will we read something like this?

    “What we didn’t tell people in 2006 is that MySQL and Firebird will be joined at the hip, combining MySQL’s sales force with Firebird’s technical excellence,” Mickos said.

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