dbMigration .NET v14.3 with support for bulk Insert and asynchronous

dbMigration .NET 14.3 is a simple, easy and intuitive multiple database migration and data synchronization tool,
With it you can easily migrate and synchronize data to Firebird and vice versa without complicated procedures.
(Free for non-commercial and a single executable file without installation)
Major New features and improvements from 13.8 to 14.3:

  • Added support for Firebird v4 RTM
  • Added Bulk Insert mode support
    • Fixed an issue where in most cases the Bulk Insert mode is not enabled properly (14.3.7877)
  • Added Asynchronous Processing support
  • Added support for int128, decfloat, timetz and timestamptz types of Firebird v4
  • Updated Decimal and Numeric accuracy of Firebird v4 to 19-38
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 11
  • Improved user experience and user interface
  • Improved support of high-DPI displays
  • Improved Automatic Mapping Types
  • Performance improvements
  • and more


Survey: JavaScript/Node.js routines in Firebird

Adriano Fernandes wrote on his blog :

“Would you have interest in a Firebird integration with Node.js making possible and easy to use routines (procedures, functions and triggers) developed in JavaScript, with all the power of the Node.js platform and its NPM modules, inside Firebird databases?

If yes, please answear a survey I have created about this feature and share it with all the people you know is interested: https://forms.gle/Evqz2S1QVwL23498A

If you are Brazilian, please use this other form and share it: https://forms.gle/NCAhWMi3TMVQuMUS6.

(Se você for Brasileiro, por favor use este outro formulário e compartilhe: https://forms.gle/NCAhWMi3TMVQuMUS6)”