ANN: FB TraceManager V2.5.4 available (Trace SWEEP)

Upscene Productions is proud to announce FB TraceManager V2.5.4, a professional environment to monitor, profile, trace and optimize Firebird databases.

More information on the new release is available here:

This release adds support for the new Firebird 2.5.2 sweep tracing capabilities via the Trace API across the entire product (trace configuration “log_sweep”, parser, trace data storage etc.).

A ~ 4min. screencast is available here:

More information on the product is available in the FB TraceManager section on our website, including an edition comparison sheet, webcasts etc.:

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Incorrectly linked and with Jaybird 2.2.0 on Linux (x86-32 and x86-64)

The (Linux x86) and (Linux x64)
included in the Jaybird 2.2.0 download are incorrectly linked (libstdc++
and libdl are missing from the symbol table).

This manifests itself when the native or embedded protocol is used
(jdbc:firebirdsql:native or jdbc:firebirdsql:embedded). The resulting
error is UnsatisfiedLinkError occurs in undefined
symbol: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE

This error does not occur on all systems (eg my Ubuntu 11.10 systems
with the OpenJDK-6 and OpenJDK-7 from the Ubuntu-repository don’t have
this error).

Correctly linked versions of libjaybird are attached to

The next release of Jaybird will include correctly linked versions of
this library (release date is not yet known).

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More than R$ 4.000 donated for protocol performance enhancement

Many attendees of the 9th Firebird Developers Day donated money to sponsor the enhancement of the Firebird protocol, known to be “slow” in high latency networks (ie: internet). This is the #1 voted feature in the Firebird tracker! The development will be done by Dmitry Yemanov, chief of the Firebird development team, and available in Firebird 3 (with chances of being partially backported to Firebird 2.5.x). A list with the names of all donors and values can be found here.

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What is “the” Firebird package to use today? FDB? pyFirebirdSQL? kInterbasDB?

Short answer is FDB
The difference between FDB and kInterbasDB is explained here

It’s old and unmaintained , all effort is on FDB driver and it is backward compatible with kInterbasDB
Now between FDB and FirebirdSQL , from what i know pyFirebirdSQL is pure python so it can work without any other so/dll installed and it can be used for example in places where there is no Firebird client installed (think of android python script)

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Django 1.4 support for Firebird ready for tests

Maximiliano Robaina wrote on django-firebird group

I would just like to say that the first attempt to support django 1.4 is ready for test, but we have a few considerations related to this release.

First, this test version live in
For now, this repo is just for test but I think that will be the next official home in short time.

Second, the way as insert worked was deprecated. At previous versions we have contemplated not to use triggers for manage auto incremental fields, the value of autoinc fields were generated on python code by using GEN_ID or NEXT VALUE FOR according to firebird version. Now, is necessary to have triggers (and sequences/generators) for inserts and set new primary key values, then, if you are using a legacy database without this, It will not work.
If anybody think that is a bad idea remove this behavior and need it, we can discuss about it.

Third, obviously django-firebird doesn’t pass all the django test suite.
For example, django try to create a field as decimal(38,30)

django.db.utils.DatabaseError: (-842, u’isc_dsql_prepare: \n  Dynamic SQL Error\n  SQL error code = -842\n  Precision must be from 1 to 18 — CREATE TABLE “MODEL_FIELDS_BIGD” (\n    “ID” integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,\n    “D” decimal(38, 30) NOT NULL\n)\n;’)

And of course, we need to have our own test suite.

That is all. Feel free to try and to express your opinion.

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