Firebird Perl driver version 1.18 is released with the following changes

  • a bit more verbose ok() calls in 90-event-ithreads.t
  • disable threaded event tests under AUTOMATED_TESTING
  • Makefile.PL: check for ‘ibase.h’ presense in potential include dir
  • allow empty (but still defined) DBI_PASS/ISC_PASSWORD for tests
  • add support for FIREBIRD_DATABASE in tests’ environment
  • adjust double tests to not fail with -Duselongdouble perl builds
  • fix statement attr returns and rework 40-alltypes.t
  • update installation notes wrt threaded perl and OpenSUSE
  • add missing pointer initialization (RT#92821, Vadim Belov)
  • dbd_st_finish: ignore “cursor already closed” error when closing the cursor
  • dbd_st_execute: finish the statement if still active (RT#92810, HMBRAND)
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