May 2012

FDB release 0.8.0 is out:

Highlights for this release:
– Support for Firebird Event Notifications (see KInterbasDB documentation for details)

And as always, some bugs fixed.

Target for next version: stream BLOB support (necessary for big BLOBs)

News via Olivier Mascia twitter account

I feel like I might well release some new alpha of ‪#IBPP‬ V3 before week end… Only Linux tweaks would be needed before real beta…

ХудожникNode-firebird is ready for testing.
There are no known bugs, don’t hesitate to give feedback on it.

From Henri Gourvest wrote on google plus :

I am working on a firebird driver for node.js, this driver don’t need firebird client library and works on all platforms. Anyone interested ?

As you might now Firebird 2.1.5 RC is released , now the Debian packages are uploaded to testing repository and on the next Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal’s repository

The 2.7.7 version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for download. This version contains some bug fixes as well as new functionality. More info…

Firebird 2.1.5 will be the maintenance (point) release for Firebird 2.1. The most recent version is 2.5.1.

Please read its Release Notes and list of Bug Fixes for details.

Via Jiří {x2} Činčura blog:

Database triggers are a nice new feature added to Firebird in version 2.1. And as you can do a lot of stuff with them, sometimes you also might wanna to connect without firing these, especially if you made a mistake there and it’s forcibly closing your connection. :) To disable these, standard Firebird utilities have a new switches. But it boils down to the API itself, nothing magical.

And if it’s in API, it could be FirebirdClient, right? In last few days among working on other bugs and my daily responsibilities I had a time to dig into this. And now also from .NET world we can use this feature.

People interested in participating in the Brazilian Firebird Developers Day can subscribe on-line for the conference, starting from today. Site with all the details is available at

You can check the homepage for download links for all platforms also there is github page where you can contribute.

Also for changelog please scroll down to the bottom of the project’s home page:

Delete permission copy bug fix. Changing creating new table, generator and it’s trigger.

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