October 2011

Alex Peshkoff Just fixed CORE-3646:

Segmentation fault for a FreePascal program,
that connects to a FB 2.5 database inside a thread.
The segmentation fault just occurs, when there is a
Firebird exception caught inside the thread.

Milan Babuskov wrote on flamerobin-devel:

In the past week or so I have improved our statement history dialog to
allow easier browsing. Now it shows the statements on the left and
when you click them, you get the whole sql on the right. This makes it
easier to inspect the statements and find what you looking for.
Especially if you have a large monitor. Also, the searched term is
marked with red color.

I also added the timestamp of the history file. Functionality is now
good, however, now I’m not sure about this layout. What do you think?

(screenshot attached)

Hajime Nakagami announced on firebird-python list that new pyfirebirdsql release is out :

Hi all

I have released 0.6.0 now.

I’t still alpha status. services and transaction management is incomplete.
0.6.0 is different from 0.5.0 heavily, so I decide to release current snapshot.
I think this release work about services and transaction management
but partially

I hope make patchs from this release, please.

The recordings of the talks of the 8th Brazilian Firebird Developers Day are now available at the FireBase store. The MegaPack DVD (containing the recordings of several FDD editions were also updated with the 8th FDD talks).

From twitter

I remember when I added the LOWER function to Firebird. I needed to grep (for nod_upper) and change dozens of files…
Now to add even a window function (which the framework is prepared to) it takes just a few localized changes http://bit.ly/uAt3ZP
Now adding LAST_VALUE and NTH_VALUE.

You can read more about the list of window functions that are already implemented or needs to be implemented on the tracker

A short description of what these functions do :

first_value(value any) return value evaluated at the row that is the first row of the window frame
last_value(value any) returns value evaluated at the row that is the last row of the window frame
nth_value(value any, nth integer) returns value evaluated at the row that is the nth row of the window frame (counting from 1); null if no such row
for ref : http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.1/static/functions-window.html#FUNCTIONS-WINDOW-TABLE

I see a new Improvement on the feature requests list , any comments ?


The List of talks for Firebird Conference 2011 is now online


Firebird Data Sync SQL Maestro Group starts a data comparison product family and announces the release of Firebird Data Sync, a powerful and easy-to-use tool for Firebird database contents comparison and synchronization. Key product features include:
  • Comparing and synchronizing database contents
  • Automatic creation of error-free synchronization scripts
  • Easy-to-read difference display
  • Saving all options to a project file for instant re-execution
  • Custom comparison keys and flexible auto-mapping tools
  • Full control over the comparison and synchronization
  • Powerful command-line interface for continuous integration

    There are also versions for other DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, etc). Read full press-release.

    4.1.2011.36 Release on 18 Oct 2011

    1. Fix wrong interpretation for data size of unicode_fss field
    Download here.

    If you come to the Firebird Conference 2011, Luxembourg join us on LinkedIn Events (or at least notify if you are interested)


    Firebird Conference 2011, Luxembourg
    Fri, Nov 25 to Sat, Nov 26
    Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG, LU
    Keywords: firebird, database, sqk, firebirdsql
    The Firebird Project invites all Firebird users and developers to participate in the Firebird Conference 2011, which will take place in Luxembourg, November 25-26, 2011.
    The Firebird Conference 2011 will be devoted to a variety of important topics: Firebird SQL language improvements, performance…

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