January 2011

It was almost out of the oven, but a regression bug discovered in the last minute (and already fixed by now) delayed the release of FB 2.1.4 RC1. New binaries are being cooked right now, and you can expect the release to be public available in firebirdsql.org in the next days.

DBD::Firebird is registered in perl cpan’s module list and soon we will upload the first tar.gz release (when is considered stable enough)

Until then the module is hosted in github and can be used and tested :

Stefan has improved the Windows support also fixed many tests , here are some of the commit messages:
Improved support for MinGW, added support for ActivePerl, Removed some obsolete tests, All tests, now use testlib.pl and Test::More (except 60leaks.t)

Here are the notes on Installing node.js module for firebird and creating a simple http service derived from the module examples

I am trying to develop Firebird connection module for NodeJS (http://nodejs.org/).


I want to implement firebird events feature as it suits very well to NodeJS ideology.
And have some questions regarding events.

This is easily done with the new Firebird 2.5 Trace API in combination with Upscene’s FB TraceManager product.

A short demonstration video is available HERE.

Firebird Data Wizard SQL Maestro Group announces the release of Firebird Data Wizard 11.1, a powerful Windows GUI utility for Firebird data management.

Firebird Data Wizard provides you with a number of easy-to-use wizards to convert any ADO-compatible database to the Firebird database, import data into
Firebird tables, export data from tables, views and queries to most popular file formats as well as generate data-driven ASP.NET pages for your Firebird database.

New version provides data import from any database accessible via ODBC driver or OLE DB provider, the insert-or-update data import mode, advanced Data Pump abilities, and some other new features.

There are also other useful things as well as versions for other DBMS (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, etc). Read full press release.

New snapshot of firebird 3.0 is uploaded from debian experimental for testing and here are some numbers compared with firebird 2.5.1

New snapshot of firebird 3.0 is uploaded in debian experimental for testing .
Also there is a new upload for flamerobin in the experimental area

web2py is another python famework that supports Firebird out of the box , the question is if is worth investigating it

Register and vote now for Firebird

Someone please post it on Firebird-general too , (I’m marked as spammer there) . Also put it on other Firebird communities

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