March 2010

The MindTheBird campaign will present its first online Webinar, with nobody less than Dmitry Yemanov, chief of the Firebird development team.


When: April 6, 2010, 15-00 GMT
Title: SuperClassic – new architecture in Firebird 2.5
Who: by Dmitry Yemanov (in English).

Connection details will be published soon at MindTheBird site.

From MindTheBird people:

Hello All,

Are you true master in Firebird SQL? Participate in Stored Procedures contest and win valuable prizes!

Participants should submit stored procedure in pure Firebid SQL and embedded functions (SDF) only which performs some common task(s) – virtually anything any useful tasks.

It can be implementations of some mathematics transformations, or transforming numeric representation of number into words (like input = 21, output = “twenty one”), or anything that demonstrates the power and flexibility of Firebird stored procedures.

We’ll choose the most powerful and interesting stored procedures.
There will be 3 winners, each of them will receive tool by his choice
from the pool of prizes from MindTheBird sponsors:

All procedures should be submited under Creative Commons or Mozilla Public License or Apache License. Submitter must be the author of the procedure.

All procedures with short description and reference to the author will be published at

Please submit demo SQL scripts with stored procedures’ texts to sp at or right here in the group. Please notice that demo SQL script should work out-of-the-box to create necessary objects and demonstrate the value of procedure.

Just a remind about the Firebird 2.5 documentation contest from MindTheBird people: deadline is approaching! Don’t miss the chance to contribute with docs/articles and maybe win the USD 500 and USD 200 prizes!

Read more about the contest.

In part 3 you will learn how to set the dataset’s “SQLs” property to access database tables.In part 4 you will learn howto use autoincrement fields in Firebird and FibPlus


dbExpress Driver for Firebird version 24 has released.  Here are the
4.1.2007.24 / 4.1.2009.24 / 4.1.2010.24 Release on 30 Mar 2010

1. Fixed unable to accept SQL statement contain UTF8 characters
2. Fixed unable to accept stored procedure contain UTF8 string

Best Regards,
Chau, Chee-Yang

Ruby Firebird extension fb-0.6.7, with better support for non-English versions of Windows, is on and github.

The winner artwork of the 10th anniversary of Firebird logo contest is:

Clebson MorenoCongratulations to Clebson Moreno, who will receive the prize of USD 500!

Thanks to all the participants who sent their artworks, and all the voters too!

In a few days we will provide the logo in different sizes so people can include it in their websites, etc.

Here are a series of articles about creating native database applications in Delphi for Windows using Firebird and FibPlus for the absolute beginner.

Part one and part two

We have developed an utility for converting databases into new Firebird
2.5 format.

It is free and open source.

Andrei Kireyeu

There’s a bug introduced between PHP 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 that affects
handling of Firebird blobs on 64bit machines. Having moved some of my servers to 64bit Slackware (Slamd64 to be more precise) I run into
this problem.

Read full post in Milan Babuskov blog.

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