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For those of you data hounds out there that use open source databases.

May I suggest the excellent Firebird, coupled with IBexpert, as opposed to mySQL.

I have found it a heck of a lot easier to design and implement stored procedures. It is open source and rock solid.
That is J. J. Walter’s opinion about firebird , expressed in his blog.

oracle licensing too expensive for oracle community site

from this thread on the orafaq forum:

“There is no way we would be able to raise the money required to buy a commercial Oracle license.”

Smart moves by MySQL AB

Now there seems to be a clear response. MySQL has hired former Firebird developer Jim Starkey and MySQL has a new CTO: Taneli Otala – read Kaj Arnö’s interview with Taneli.

The final statement on this interview declares a clear goal: “Definitely. I want to be part of the team building the world’s best database!”. The times when MySQL targeted itself mainly to drive small and medium web based applications are definitely over!

Read more on db4free blog

Ingres jumps into the fray

Dave Dargo, CTO of Ingres, has its own opinion on what it all means. In his view, Oracle is scaring customers away from open source systems that can be acquired, towards systems that cannot be acquired. Firebird is a prime example of the latter. Curiously, Ingres is an example of the former.

Read more here

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