FDB Python driver v2.0 for Firebird is released

FDB Python driver for Firebird v2.0 is available for download.


IMPORTANT: This is initial release of new “SweetBitter” driver generation.

During this (v2) generation FDB driver will undergo a transition from
development centered around Python 2.7 / Firebird 2.x to development
centered around Python 3 / Firebird 3. There are some backward
incompatible changes between v2 and v1 generation, and you may expect
some also between individual releases of second generation. To soften
this bitter pill, the second generation will have new functionality,
enhancements and optimalizations gradually added into each public release.

The second generation is also the last one that will directly support
Python 2.7 and will be tested with Firebird 2.

The plan is to move forward with v3 generation (Python 3/Firebird 3+) as
soon as v2 code base will become mature.

What’s new:

* Hooks.
* New modules for parsing Firebird trace & audit logs (fdb.trace), gstat
output (fdb.gstat) and server log (fdb.log)
* Added fdb.utils.ObjectList class for improved object collection
* Modules monitor and schema now use new fdb.utils.ObjectList for
collections of information objects.
* Methods fdb.Connection.database_info() and
fdb.Transaction.transaction_info() now distinguish between text and
binary strings with result_type code.
* Significant changes to documentation.
* Reworked Visitor Pattern support in schema module, added classes
fdb.utils.Visitable and fdb.utils.Visitor.
* …and more (including bug fixes).

Read more at http://fdb.readthedocs.io/en/v2.0/

Firebird Foreign Data Wrapper update

After a long hiatus, I’ve finally found time to update firebird_fdw, which is now available as version 0.3.0.

This update, together with an update of the underlying Firebird API wrapper libfq to version 0.2.0, is a general cleanup/bugfix release, with improvements including:

  • support for PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10
  • support for IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA (PostgreSQL 9.5 and later)
  • automatic reconnection to Firebird
  • improved error message handling and display
  • improved memory handling and prevention of various unhandled situations which caused the PostgreSQL server to crash

Additionally, CentOS rpm packages are now available via the Fedora Copr build system.

This release has been developed and tested with Firebird 2.5. It will work with Firebird 3.0, but does not yet take advantage of any new features; future releases will hopefully address this.

Read the new white paper “Authentication in Firebird 3” from IBPhoenix

Read the new white paper “Authentication in Firebird” from IBPhoenix: Developments introduced in Firebird 3 provide many options for authenticating users attempting to attach to a database. No longer is authentication restricted to a single method: the methods available are determined by the plug-in authentication modules configured in the global and/or database config files.
Also, there are many interesting articles in Documentation area of IBPhoenix website.

New version of Firebird Encryption Plugin Framework: now with gbak support!

IBSurgeon is glad to announce the availability of the new version of Encryption Plugin Framework for Firebird: the fast and easy way to add transparent and strong (AES256) encryption for Firebird databases.

The new version includes the following features:

  • Pre-built binaries for Firebird 3.0.3: Windows 32/64 and Linux 32/64
  • gbak.exe with encryption of databases and backups.
  • Full sources included
  • Unlimited license for redistribution with all business applications of your company
  • Detailed examples of the implementation in Delphi, PHP, etc
  • Implementation support – our engineers will help you to implement and integrate encryption
  • (Optional) SQL development tool with the encryption support

Download and try IBSurgeon’s Encryption Plugin for Firebird now!

Final steps of LibreOffice HSQLDB to FirebirdSQL database migration

Bunth Tamás wrote about the last step on LibreOffice database migration :

It is my third post about implementing HSQL migration inside odb documents in connection with a TDF tender. The previous posts were about creating the schema import, and the import of binary data.

Today I will write about the final steps which has to be made in order to
toggle off experimental feature from Firebird and use HSQLDB migration by default. This process also involves the creation of some unit tests, and
modifying some others.

Yii2-Firebird 0.10.0 released

Yii2-Firebird 0.10.0 is released with the following ChangeLog:

  • Compatibility with Yii2 2.0.15
  • Complete reserved word list for Firebird 2.5/3.0
  • Added support to alterColumn for firebird 3.0
  • Added support to column identity in Firebird 3
  • Added support to upsert
  • Added add/drop default value for table
  • Added support limit/offset with Expression
  • Fixed compatibility with PHP ^7.0.16 and ^7.1.2
  • Fixed compatibility with linux
  • Fixed composite “in” condition on QueryBuilder
  • Fixed batchInsert with float value
  • Fixed escape character in like condition