December 2012

Download links at the project’s page
New features:
Small additions to Database comparison, New Table, Permissions management, Query Window, and new Icons

TurboBird 0.9.6 with new icons

TurboBird 0.9.6

In this session we show you how to automate the Firebird backup & restore using Firebird’s command-line tool, GBAK, and the IBExpert server tool; IBExpertBackupRestore

Vote for Firebird as Database of the Year 2012 at LinuxQuestions (must be registered user with at least one post)

Spread the word on all forums and Firebird communities

Twitter conversation of the day is related to SQL Performance Tip : Database index nodes are doubly linked to allow bi-directional scans

Python driver for firebird : fdb will have a package in the Debian repository in the near future
Philippe Makowski will create the package .
Driver is already packaged for : Mageia, Fedora, RHEL and FreeBSD

Google Plus launched Communities and we created one for Firebird , Please Join in the conversation

New firebird packages are released for CentOS 6 (RHEL 6) in the EPEL repository with the following Changelog :

added patch from upstream to fix Firebird CORE-4011 and RH #886578

Here are my install instructions on Ubuntu/Debian for Mezzanine CMS
First install Firebird 2.5.2 , Then install django and fdb driver
sudo pip install django
sudo pip install fdb
sudo pip install mezzanine
Install django-firebird driver like is described on the github page
Create new mezzanine project:
mezzanine-project firebird-mezzanine
cd firebird-mezzanine
create empty database from isql-fb / flamerobin
SQL> create database “localhost:/var/lib/firebird/2.5/data/firebird-mezzanine.fdb” user ‘SYSDBA’ password ‘masterkey’;
SQL> quit;
create local config for firebird
python createdb
python runserver
look at the first results after the wordpress import (i was so impressed that i have removed the old account)
next step : blogspot import is in progress

This week we released our December update for our back office and point of sale software. In addition to statement emailing that I wrote about last week, we are now exploiting features in the newer Firebird database engine that we use.

New Firebird repository is imported into the New Allura platform , here is checkout URL and you can browse the other branches

svn checkout svn:// firebird-code

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