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From IBSurgeon blog:

7th Firebird Developers Days: Visit IBSurgeon’s presentations

17th of July, Piracicaba, Brazil: The 7th Firebird Developers Day will take place in the UNIMEP university theatre. This is undoubtedly the biggest worlwide event devoted to Firebird – more that 600 people, dozen of speakers and lot of interest.
As you may knows, Brazil is the N1 country in terms of number of Firebird users (following with Germany, Russia and USA), and Firebird is the number 1 database in Brazil too.
This will be 4th time IBSurgeon sponsors and presents at FDD. This year Dmitry Kuzmenko will speak about big Firebird databases (you may remember that recently we did test with 1Terabyte Firebird database) and about speed of test restores.
Also at this event IBSurgeon will announce some serious changes in licensing policy, intended to encourage people to treat Firebird databases in more careful way.
We will follow the results of conference and post updates here.

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7th Firebird Developers Day – subscribe now!

Only for Brazilians (or Portuguese speakers):

Inscrições abertas para o 7º FDD
Você já pode se inscrever para a sétima edição do Firebird Developers Day, a ser realizada no dia 17/Julho, em Piracicaba-SP. O site do evento está no ar, com a grade parcial de palestras e todas as demais informações. Inscreva-se agora e pague menos! As palestras estão com temas muito bons, e novas palestras serão inseridas nos próximos dias, fiquem de olho!

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500 folders for FDD!

Last Saturday was the day to assemble the 500 folders that every FDD attendee will receive. Vlad Khorsun and Dmitry Kouzmenko (international speakers) will arrive in São Paulo in the next few minutes. Last time I meet them personaly was in Italy, in the last FB Intl. Conference.

Btw, I wish to thanks IBSurgeon for sponsoring Vlad flight tickets!

“Late” people can still subscribe to the conference until tomorrow.

500 FDD folders

500 FDD folders

BTW, will we have an International FB Conference this year?

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Embarcadero officialy announces participation on FDD

In the most recent EDN – Embarcadero Developer Network community newsletter, they announce their official participation in the 6th Firebird Developers Day, with a special session about Delphi Future, including official Firebird support in the built-in dbExpress driver.

People subscribed to EDN are receiving by email the following information:

4 de Junho – 6º Firebird Developers Day
A Embarcadero participará da sexta edição do Firebird Developers Day, no dia 04/Julho, em Piracicaba-SP. O maior evento dedicado ao Firebird no mundo terá a presença especial de Vlad Khorsun, membro do Core Development Team do Firebird. Andreano Lanusse palestrará sobre o Futuro do Delphi, apresentando, entre outras novidades, o suporte oficial do dbExpress ao Firebird. Esta é a última semana para se inscrever! Utilize o cupom de desconto EMBT15 e tenha R$ 15 de desconto na inscrição! Os participantes poderão adquirir componentes e ferramentas com descontos incríveis. Acesse agora: www.FirebirdDevelopersDay.com.br

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