Stored Procedures contest winners!

Dear All,

Stored procedures contest is over!
We had 12 submissions for the contest and have chosen 3 winners.

Winners are:

  1. Set of mathematical operations implemented in pure Firebird SQL,
    by pizmon (
  2. XML File creation using Firebird in stored procedures, by Fernando
  3. SP_ESCAPE and SP_UNESCAPE stored procedures: generate text with
    line feeds, carriage returns, quotes and tabs in Firebird sql scripts,
    by Fabiano Bonin.

Each winner can choose one of the following licenses from MindTheBird  sponsors:

  1. Fast Report Studio – powerful report tool with native Firebird
    (all versions) support,
  2. Sinatica Monitor – monitoring tool for Firebird (2.1 and
  3. IBSurgeon FBScanner – logging and audit tool for Firebird and
    InterBase all versions
  4. SQLLY Firebird/InterBase Studio – database and SQL queries
    design and optimization
  5. IBSurgeon IBAnalyst – tool to analyze database statistics of
    FIrebird and InterBase
  6. Firebird FirstAID – tool to repair corrupted Firebird databases.
  7. XML Wizard (GuacoSoft) – tool to import and compare data from
    XML, CSV, flat-files against Firebird databases
  8. Special offer – 50% discount on any of trainings about .NET &
    Firebird and/or Entity Framework (& Firebird) – see
    for details.
  9. “Database Workbench Pro for Firebird” and a Database Workbench
    Pro for any 3 database modules of the winners choice.
  10. Firebird Trace Manager (Enterprise Edition) – tool which exposes
    the new Firebird 2.5 Trace API in a user-friendly way.
  11. EMS Studio for Firebird and InterBase – powerful tool for
    Firebird developers and administrators.
  12. AnyDAC for Delphi – universal Data Access Components with native
    Firebird support


With best regards,
MindTheBird Team

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