Stored Procedures contest winners!

Dear All,

Stored procedures contest is over!
We had 12 submissions for the contest and have chosen 3 winners.

Winners are:

  1. Set of mathematical operations implemented in pure Firebird SQL,
    by pizmon (
  2. XML File creation using Firebird in stored procedures, by Fernando
  3. SP_ESCAPE and SP_UNESCAPE stored procedures: generate text with
    line feeds, carriage returns, quotes and tabs in Firebird sql scripts,
    by Fabiano Bonin.

Each winner can choose one of the following licenses from MindTheBird  sponsors:

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Articles contest extended

From mindthefirebird on twitter:

Articles contest is extended to April 21. Now we have only 3 submissions. Write an article about Firebird 2.5 and win the prize.

Editor note: I hope more people participate in this contest, since it is a good way to improve FB documentation and still have the chance of getting some money 😉

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Marco Cantu Webinar at MindTheBird

Marco Cantu just blogged about his upcoming webinar, promoted by MindTheBird campaign:

To celebrate 10 years of the Firebird open source database and the coming release 2.5, the community behind the software has organized a promotional campaign called “Mind the Bird!“. IN case you don’t know, Firebird started when Borland decided to open source Interbase and later changed their mind. At that point the existing source code as used as a starting point for this open source project. Even if Firebird has a niche role in the open source database world, its technical qualities really shine and its license is fully open (unlike that of the most famous of the open source DBs, MySQL).

Webinar info: April 27, 2010, GMT+3 — Title: Delphi and Firebird, by Marco Cantu (in English)

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8/April – Ann Harrison’s Webinar

April 8, 2010, 14-00 GMT Technological history of Firebird – 3 decades of innovations, by Ann W Harrison (in English). Connection details

Click to link will open your installed LiveMeeting client, or if you don’t have this installed, will ask you to download and install it. Note that webinar will be available to join in 30 minutes before it’s beginning, otherwise LM client will say that “The meeting has not started yet…”.
Attendees will be muted, only presenter can speak. Attendees may ask questions using Q&A menu in Live Meeting Client.

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