Change made to make Faster restores with gbak

There is a simple change which makes restores much faster, tested with Linux 2.5 embedded restore
Two databases, with two different tables filled with 2,000,000 records:
create table t1 (n1 integer);
create table t10 (n1 integer, n2 integer, n3 integer, …, n10 integer);

Restore timings:
T1: 14.5s
T10: 20.5s

Improved gbak timings:
T1: 9.7s
T10: 14.7s

The good news is there is still room to improve the restore speeds , here is Adriano’s tweet:

I do have a slight different method, to insert 100K records in less than 1s over the same localhost method.

Also confirmed by the ending of the article:

PS: There is other restore improvement capable of take down time from
around 8.5s to 0.5s over TCP, but it still requires some analisys.

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