MyPostBirdSQL 2.0 RC1 released

Today first RC1 release is announced that many oss developers had been awaiting
MyFireGreSql 2.0 is based on code from mysql 6.0 ,firebird 3.0,postgresql 9.0
We needed a big shake up in open source database world and working on the common code base have it’s
advantages:Firebird and Postgresql borrowed from mysql’s speed , mysql used MVCC for it’s transactional engine (is based on firebird) .

There are bugs and BUGs

From Dmitry Yemanov:

Consider it a bughunting success story 🙂

Some time ago we’ve got a bugreport about bugcheck #205 (index bucket overfilled) appearing during the database restore on a v2.0 server. The database was big and it was hard for the customer to create a test case. Fortunately, a special build with improved tracking facilities helped and the bug has been found and fixed. So far so good.

Battle over software patents heats up again

Florian Mueller said a new anti-software patents campaign is currently being driven by a deadline Friday for companies to submit answers to the EU on the future of the European patent system; the deadline is focusing the issue once again. Coupled with the RIM Blackberry case was a recent magazine interview in which Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer hinted that the company could institute patent litigation against open source firms, said Mueller.

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Then they laugh at you

Not only does open source Firebird-Fyracle have a catchy name and almost match Oracle on the 6 well known “gold standard key database evaluation mapping criteria”, but it is “just as idiosyncratic”, AND you can run “Compiere v2.5.3c” ( almost )!

Here is the response from shocked oracle users after they found Firebird/Fyracle (Denial Mode)

The Firebird ADO .NET Data Provider 1.7.1 for .NET 1.1 and Mono 1.1 is available for for download.

Download information can be found here ·

Firebird Developers Day – Call for sponsors

The third edition of the conference will happen on July 29th, 2006 at UNIMEP (in Brazil). The expected audience size this year is from 500 to 750 people. This is mostly a portuguese-speakers conference, and an unique chance to reach directly hundreds of potential customers. Paying your sponsorship until 31/March you get 20% discount! Contact to get the conference mediakit with all the information, including sponsorship plans and prices.

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