IBPP/Flamerobin license hopefully solved

The IBPP License 1.0 had problems with Debian. Looking at http://www.ibpp.org/license however I see a different license.

To me it looks like Expat, with the following changes:

Idea for one application build around firebird

Seems to be the blog of the day :

More & more I want to write the issue/requirements tracker that has been in my head for so long. I would write it in either java, php or Ruby on Rails. I would put an embedded firebird database behind it. Now, I have to get people to believe that they should let me do this at work. I am too damn old and tired to do it at home in my oh so copious spare time.

[ED: He does have other nice blog posts with firebird]

Then they laugh at you

Not only does open source Firebird-Fyracle have a catchy name and almost match Oracle on the 6 well known “gold standard key database evaluation mapping criteria”, but it is “just as idiosyncratic”, AND you can run “Compiere v2.5.3c” ( almost )!

Here is the response from shocked oracle users after they found Firebird/Fyracle (Denial Mode)

The Firebird ADO .NET Data Provider 1.7.1 for .NET 1.1 and Mono 1.1 is available for for download.

Download information can be found here ·

Firebird COBOL users united

Stephen Boyd asked:

“Before you all go eeeewwww yuck who still uses COBOL, the answer is
lots of us. My immediate goal is to try to find out if there are many
Interbase / Firebird users who still use COBOL like we do.
[ED: you can read the full thread on Firebird-General mailing list]

SAS software and Firebird Vulcan

“This paper describes the architecture and requirements for implementing a relational, transaction-based storage mechanism in SAS software, a commercial business intelligence product that uses the Vulcan code base in an embedded mode.”
By Tom Cole, Platform R&D, SAS Institute Inc. (From the Firebird Conference Prague 2005). (.zip of two pdfs). Right click and save as to read.

ibpp.org – new site , new license , new version

The site ibpp.org has, again, changed.
Change of software (DokuWiki instead of MediaWiki) and change of hosting servers.

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