chess game in ajax – done by morfik team

Much had been said about the browser as a platform. It was an idea strongly promoted by, the now gone, Netscape at the start of the Web revolution, but we never got there. Did we? Yes, we did! We just did not notice it!
If you take your browsers to this chess game, you might start to understand what I mean.

flamerobin added new developer , newbie tasks

New developer joined flamerobin team
Details are: Bart Bakker from Zaandam, Netherlands.

AJAX OS – writing new book about morfik via skype

Mauricio Longo wrote :

In recent months I’ve started working on a project with some people on the other side of the world. I do not mean this metaphorically. I am in Rio de Janeiro while these people are in Australia.
I am writing a book about the Morfik WebOS AppsBuilder and in doing so, frequently, I need to interact with people from Morfik Technology

Morfik uses Firebird 2.0.

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