MySQL AB Acquires Firebird Foundation and Flamerobin

Milan Babuskov one of original creators of fbManager which became Flamerobin, just made it publicly known that he now works for MySQL AB.

MyPostBirdSQL 2.0 RC1 released

Today first RC1 release is announced that many oss developers had been awaiting
MyFireGreSql 2.0 is based on code from mysql 6.0 ,firebird 3.0,postgresql 9.0
We needed a big shake up in open source database world and working on the common code base have it’s
advantages:Firebird and Postgresql borrowed from mysql’s speed , mysql used MVCC for it’s transactional engine (is based on firebird) . Community Choice Awards – Thank you for all voters

The results are in, and the voters have spoken. We’ve just tallied the
results for the 2006 Community Choice Awards. The
results are impressive–more than 212,000 of you came to voice your
support for the projects nominated. Winners will be announced at the
Slashdot Lounge in the .ORG Pavilion at LinuxWorld Expo, Boston, on
April 5, and the complete list of winners will be posted on on April 6.

Meanwhile, you can view the complete list of nominees and read more
about the awards at:

ASP.NET ToDo list (Delphi.NET)

I said AGES ago I would post my todo list and the code. So, here it is!

Deployment Files Only (464Kb)
Full Source Code (604Kb)
It is only very basic. I have included the required DLL’s, although if you compile the source one using Delphi you won’t need them.

By downloading you agree to the following disclaimer:

knoda 0.8.1-test3 released

Knoda is a KDE database-frontend for DBase, Firebird, MSAccess, MySQL, Paradox, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and ODBC.Besides tables, views, and queries, it also handles forms

Release focus: Major feature enhancements

20GB of video data available, with around 100 hours of firebird related presentations from Firebird Conference

There is currently about 20GB of video data available, with around 100 hours of firebird-related presentations from last two Firebird Conferences and other events.

Here is the list of available Films

Data Application Block for Firebird SQL (The Code Project)

The Firebird SQL data application block is intended to speed up development, and it should be used in conjunction with data layer classes in much the same way as Microsoft’s data block. The sample included with this article uses the embedded Firebird SQL database (included in sample) to demonstrate the use of the application block without having to bother setting up a database.

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