Updated Russian documentation for Firebird 2.5 and beta Reference documentation for Firebird 3.0

Post by AlexeyKovyazin on habrahabr :

Many readers  interested Firebird, may know that last year we saw releasead documentation on Firebird SQL language in Russian version 2.5.Creating documentation is sponsored the Moscow Stock Exchange as a platinum sponsor and one of the largest users of Firebird in Russia, and the company IBSurgeon / IBase, representing Firebird in Russia.

But this work is not over:

We began translating and proofreading of documents in English, German and Portuguese. Helen Borrie, the author of the famous Firebird book , is the editor of the English edition. We expect to publish the English version in October this year, Portuguese and German versions – early next year. At the same time in the Russian original documentation of 2.5 there were made ​​over 1,000 corrections and additions (thanks to Denis Simonov, editor of the Russian version), as well as we conducted a lot of work on Reference documentation for version 3.0. We recommend to download an updated version of the Firebird 2.5 documentation in Russian and get acquainted with the beta version 3.0 documentation for Firebird: www.ib-aid.com/download/firebirdlangref30rus.pdf .If you find an error or typo in the documentation, do not hesitate and send bug-report directly to the Tracker for Russian developer documentation: www.assembla. com / spaces / firebird-russian-documentation / . In the Files group you can download the latest version of the documentation.

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