TurboCASH on Lazarus/Firebird “proof of concept”

Developers from turboCASH are asking for Lazarus programers (people that program using Lazarus IDE) to set up a small test application to prove that Lazarus can be IDE of choice to port turboCASH to Linux.

there is information on how to adapt existing turboCASH code to run on Lazarus here:


Also read the original mail from turboCASH developer Philip Coperman:


Can anyone help with the following on Linux:

1) Setup a simple “proof of concept” in Lazarus

1) Lazarus and Linux

There are some useful contributions on Getting Lazarus and TurboCASH for Linux going here:


We have decided to use Firebird (80%) and possibly support MySQL (20%). In the Windows Project we are converting the current Delphi Code to work with Firebird and will add MySQL support if required afterwards. (In my project experience, that becomes unlikely)

I am now more concerned about:

1) How we are going to connect to the Firebird Database (and/or MySQL) – In Delphi we are using ZEOS Lib

2) What are we going to use for a Grid. In Delphi/Windows we use a quality commercial package – Infopower. I have struggled to find and Open Source alternative. Project Jedi seems to offer the best. The Grid is what gives TurboCASH batches and invoices that really friendly Spreadsheet look. How will we do this in Lazarus/Linux?

3) How are we going to write reports – In Delphi Linux we use Free Reports and Reportman. We have a legacy history with Quick Reports.

If you Linux guys (Even the Lazarus on Windows guys) – Could do the following :

i) Download the TurboCASH/Delphi project. Steal whatever you need
ii) “Open ” a set of books simply by connecting to the TurboCASH Firebird Database
iii) Set up any grid you like to edit any record you like in TurboCASH
iv) Write a simple report (take any one of ch windows one)

If we can do the above we can consider Lazarus as a serious proposition.

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