Top 10 Firebird wishlist

Some people doesn’t know, but anyone registered in the Firebird Tracker (registration is open, quick and free) can ask for improvements, report bugs, or vote in some existing tickets to raise their “priority”.

It is true that a high ranked ticket may never be implemented/solved. It is also true that the FB developers are free to implement what they want, without following any specific order or wishes. In fact, a ticket can be left untouched for a long time, if none of the developers feel inclined to work on that issue. But it is also true that having the users community voting for items, may sign to the Core Team developers with a direction to follow.

Here is a list of the top 10 ranked tickets at the moment:

Key Summary Assignee
CORE-2530 Improve even more the FB network protocol Unassigned
CORE-775 True SMP support for SuperServer Dmitry Yemanov
CORE-726 True Boolean Datatype Unassigned
CORE-720 Local temporary tables Vlad Khorsun
CORE-776 Database Links Vlad Khorsun
CORE-657 Database encryption Vlad Khorsun
CORE-733 Compress Data over the Network Unassigned
CORE-749 Object names of at least 64bytes Dmitry Yemanov
CORE-808 UNION, INTERSECT and MINUS support Unassigned
CORE-694 Support timezones with timestamp Unassigned

Note that the top 10 issues are not bugs (the FB Core Team is a very efficient bug killer 😉 ), but enhancements/improvements to Firebird.

It seems that 775 and 657 are expected to be solved in Firebird 3. Core 773 and 2530 are related to the Firebird wire protocol.

Sadly, the top voted item (2530) is still unassigned. If you ever tried to use Firebird over the Internet and felt it is too slow, this is the issue you need to vote 😉 This improvement requires a new wire protocol, and changes to the API that would break the currently third-party access components. So, not easy task, but I hope to see it implemented in the future.

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