Results from a Performance Test FB15 – FB2b2 – IB751

In the latest Edition of IBExpert, we added some new modules, on is
a database script with a simple sales database, that creates its test
data from a stored procedure.

now i had some time to test it against fb153, fb2b2 (and ib751)

What does it do: first it creates a almost empty database with just
some entries in helptables. after the database is created, you have to
start one procedure and wait for the time it takes.

the procedures creates a customer table from the strings in the
helptables, it creates products from other strings, it creates
order header and order lines. based on that some trigger also
write a sales history etc.

all in all you can create a testdatabase as large as you need, because
the procedure called initall gives you the possibilty to fill a
parameter with an integervalue, that defines the size of the final
database. when you use the value 10000, then 10000 customers are
created, 10000 articles and a lot of orders etc. The Testdatabase
is before starting the procedure created with 16k pagesize and the
cache buffers were changed to 50000.

for the test i used a value of 100000 so the final database that is
created has a size of about 200MB.

While executing this procedure with the parameter 100000, it starts
about 5,200,000 Selects, 800,000 Updates and 1,700,000 Inserts, all
in all about 7,700,000 Operations.

now the time when starting this on a dual core AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+
with 2 GB RAM.

using fb153: 486 Seconds (not bad, about 16,000 Operations per second)

uninstalled fb153, installed fb2 beta 2: 244 Seconds!!!!!!!!

Wow, not that i would say it was slow on fb153, but the results on
fb2b2 are impressive. About 31500 Operations per second.

Congratulations to the developer Team. they made a brilliant job.

Starting with the next IBExpert Version, the Demodatabase will be
available also in the trial version and in the personal edition.

if you would like to test it now on your machine, just Install
IBExpertLive (download details on I have added
the demodatabase in my session “Holger Klemt – Server Performance –
How to make your application run faster (FBC2005)”, so you can connect
to view this session and press on the left side on “download session
files” to get the installer.


p.s.: did i mention the result from ib751? 838 Seconds

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