ibpp.org – new site , new license , new version

The site ibpp.org has, again, changed.
Change of software (DokuWiki instead of MediaWiki) and change of hosting servers.

The new site is at http://www.ibpp.org and should serve you a DokuWiki based site.

The whole content has been transferred and adjusted.

Not that I wasn’t satisfied with http://www.editthis.info as a hosting service, but MediaWiki was a too big beast for the task. DokuWiki is simpler, yet well enough for the limited needs of the IBPP website. Also DokuWiki being much simpler to administrate, it made sense to host it on the server farm where the previous IBPP site was located (the one used until february of this year). That server farm in TIP Group S.A. data-center gives me the assurance of real backups, really available should something go wrong.

I chose to keep that IBPP wiki closed from wide-public updates.
So if any of you would like to update or add pages for the benefit of all (which I would encourage), or even just to correct bad english syntax or spelling, please apply for an account. Just send me an email with your short login name that you would like and an email address which I can configure in the system. I’ll create your account and you will receive a password by email which you can then use (and change yourself) to get write access to the site. I will add soon a page with these instructions on the wiki itself.

All this is in preparation of the release of 2.5 code base within the very next days.


Olivier Mascia

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