GSOC LibreOffice Firebird Integration Weekly Update 14

New GSOC update for the previous week with
current status of the firebird-sdbc driver :

Progress this week:
- Some dbexception cleanup.
- Fixed ColumnLocate::findColumn implementations (for all 
  db drivers) and api definition.
- Fixed index rebuilding.
- Tried to experiment with different ICU versions, but haven't 
  managed to actually produce any errors when switching ICU 
- Fixed formatting of integers as a currency, integers now
  show as a number and not currency by default.
- Fixed segfault when setting Null as first value in 
- Reintroduce statement specific Mutexes (instead of a
  connection-wide Mutex).
- Implemented simple firebird unit tests to see that we can 
  really transfer a .fdb between machines with different 
- Some generic cleanups.
- Tried to create a hsqldb cppunit-test.
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