FlameRobin 0.7.6 is out

Source and binary packages for Windows (setup.exe and .zip) and GNU/Linux (gtk1 and gtk2 for Slackware) are available for download. Packages for MacOSX, Debian/Ubuntu, Mandriva, Gentoo and FreeBSD are either done, or on their way soon.

Download at: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=124340

New features

  • Logging changes to database table (so far only logging to textual files was available)
  • Finally, FlameRobin is 100% compatible with Firebird 2.0

Enhancements and Bug fixes

  • Improved parsing of committed statements
  • Fixed bug #1591149 when reserved XML characters were used in database properties
  • Fixed bug #1582935 with drag and drop query building
  • Setting to clear log when executing is now respected
  • Added META tag to exported HTML data: set to UTF-8 encoding
  • Fixed invalid columns when fetching data fails
  • Autocompletion now works properly with quoted identifiers
  • Fixed crash when loading of property page fails
  • Fixed crash when automatic DDL commit was active
  • Fixed ALTER VIEW script – triggers are now included
  • Fixed DDL extraction for UNIQUE INDEX
  • Fixed DDL extraction for NUMERIC(x, 0) types
  • Fixed problem with selection becoming invisible on Linux/Gtk
  • Main tree view now behaves consistently on both double-click and Enter pressed
  • Fixed minor UI glitches

For known issues please see our bug tracker at:

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