FirebirdClient v2.0 Release Candidate 5 released

FirebirdClient v2.0 Release Candidate 5 is available for download.

Hope this can be the last Release Candidate version before the final
release, of course, if there are no big issues reported in the next weeks.

Download information can be found here:

· Release Candidate 5 ( 2006-06-01 ) ·

( Please review the changelog for details )

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug #1490166.
  • Fixed bug #1489770.
  • Fixed bug in Domains schema.
  • Added the information of the of IscException’s errors to the errors collection.
  • Fixed incorrect number of bytes per character in the UTF-8 character set information.
  • Fixed FbDataReader.GetEnumerator method to allow the Reader to be closed with CommandBehavior.CloseConnection


  • Changed GetIPAdressMethod to use IPAddress.Parse with the Data Source when getting an exception with Dns.GetHostEntry.
  • Changes on Dispose implementations of FbDataReader, FbCommand and FbConnection classes.
  • Added a minor hack to the FbParameter.Size property to try to ha a better detection of Clob parameters
  • Added initial support for connection string property synonyms in the DDEX provider.
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