Firebird Roadmap gets updated

You can check the updated Roadmap here. In resume: There will at last one more RC for FB 2.5. FB 3 unstable builds can already be downloaded from special link, and first Alpha versions are expected in Q2 2010.

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  • Does anyone know what’s planned for inter-database queries in FB 3.0? I only found stuff that’s 2-4 years old when I was looking for it earlier and I have no idea what will really get into FB 3.0. I couldn’t find it in the tracker either. It’s likely I have missed it, though.

  • Read Release Notes for v2.5 about enhanced EXECUTE STATEMENT and its new features.

    • Thanks Mr. Khorsun, I just finished reading that part and the little extra information provides. It really is a good start for querying external databases.
      Do you know whether it will be possible to perform JOINS with tables in different databases in Firebird 3.0 or is it something that hasn’t been decided yet?
      I ask this because e. g. linked servers in Microsoft’s SQL Server can be very useful – one can even perform JOINs with tables in different MS SQL Servers and I think it’s also possible with different databases if they have a working ODBC/OLE DB drivers installed on the system.
      It would be a great plus if Firebird would have this, be it with ODBC, OLE DB or JDBC drivers.

      • In v3 the main goal is SMP. We going to extend external data source feature but true heterogenous queries sooner of all will not fit v3 timeframe. It also requires changes in metadata handling as inside the engine as outside (public API).
        After v3 we definitely will address heterogenous queries.
        Also we want to add support for ODBC (and\or JDBC and\or OLEDB) external data sources but no promises so far.

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