Firebird Project Releases Firebird 2.5 Zeta 2

“The Firebird Project today officially releases the much-anticipated version 2.5 Zeta 2 of its open source Firebird relational database software.

The 2.5 release has many interesting new features that you can play with, like database triggers, temporary and monitoring tables, common table expressions, recursive queries and dozens of new inbuilt functions. We encourage you to see what you can achieve with these new features and let us know about any deficiency.

Windows ,MacOSX ,Linux kits fir 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are ready to download now You are invited to test it furiously and report your experiences (good or bad) back to the firebird-devel list.

It brings with it a large collection of long-awaited enhancements that  significantly improve performance, security and support for international languages and realise some desirable new SQL language features. Under the surface, it also provides a much more robust code platform from which the re-architecting planned for Firebird 3.0 is proceeding.

The Firebird project roadmap for 2008 is now available.”

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