Firebird mention on Log Buffer #145: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Here is the text from this version of Buffer #145

It’s time to nominate Firebird for CCA 2009, SourceForge’s Community Choice Awards, says Firebird News. Firebird is nominated for Best Project, Best Tool or Utility for Developers, and Best Project for the Enterprise.

On Free Database: The Relational Databases Blog appears an embedded Firebird database overview. It begins, “I was looking for a small and powerful database in order to fulfill the requirements of my last project. Because the database will be running locally I took the decision to use an embedded database. After a few searches over the Internet and some embedded database comparison reviews, I found Firebird which is actually a powerful but unknown (yet) relational database system.”

On Compas Pascal, Lars Dybdahl makes some observations on the real-life latency of a Firebird server.

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