#firebird irc channel @ freenode.net

Ok, I know this is a totally sucky announcement not even worthy of
Firebird, but time keeps going by. I have yet to be able to get together
the info for a better one. So here is a very crude announcement.

There is a UNOFFICIAL channel now for Firebird and related stuff on
freenode.net, #firebird. I welcome any and all interested or working
with Firebird to come stop by.

Info on clients, how to connect, etc would be provided if this was a
good announcement. But it’s not 😉

This might help some

But really irc clients are not hard to come by for any OS. I tend to use
gaim, or at times xchat, or bitchx. Beyond that most know of
freenode.net, if not the info should be in the FAQ, or online somewhere.

Otherwise just wanted to mention it. If others show more interest or I
get more time. I will see about a more formal announcement. Maybe this
is enough?

Either way know you know. 🙂

William L. Thomson Jr.

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